Frequently Asked Questions

Subscribe, and make your comics come to you

It sounds like magic doesn’t it? Imagine if you could put together a pull list, your comics would just come to you, pre-bagged & boarded, and packed with the most ridiculous care known to man? What if your comics could come to you weekly, twice a month, or monthly? What if you could also get a discount off the cover price each and every month.

This isn’t some alternate earth, this has been reality for hundreds of Canadian customers every single month since 2005.

Frequently Asked Subscription Questions

How do Subscriptions work?

With All New Comics subscriptions, you build a list of the comics and magazines you would like to get each month. Every week when new comics arrive we will bag, board, and set aside all items you have specified.

When your billing cycle comes up (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) we will send out a bill which you will pay by following the instructions on the email. Once the bill is paid we will ship out your comics.

We place them in a protective bag, wrap them up in bubble wrap, put them in a box, and deliver them out. We’ve sent dozens of packages this way and have never experienced a damaged delivery. If you want to add or subtract a title, you can do so online, and we will make sure you get your books.

What is the $20.00 Subscription Fee for?

We charge a one time $20.00 fee to set up your subscription account.

In exchange for this set up fee, you are able to subscribe to the comics you love at a significant discount, and with your first order, we send you a “welcome package” that is worth approximately $50.00 of cool stuff to welcome you to All New Comics.

This fee also helps us ensure that anyone signing up to our service is a real human being, and won’t leave us holding on to a bunch of comics we can’t sell.

How can I add a series to my list?

Browse or search for the comics you want, add the series (or for trades and graphic novels, the individual Trade or GN) by clicking “Subscribe”, and you are set up.

Your first pull for a new series will start 3 weeks after you first add it to your list.

How often will I get my comics?

You can choose from weekly, twice monthly, or monthly. We will pack your bagged and boarded comics in another bag, put bubble wrap around them, and fit them in our custom built boxes. If you’re just getting one or two comics, you’ll get those in a custom built rigid mailer that keeps shipping costs under control.

We cannot hold shipments for more than one month, we will not combine shipping among months, and one-off items you add to your order do not count towards the free shipping tier.

How much is shipping?

Shipping rates are based on your location.

  • Orders under $10.00 are sent in a rigid mailer for $7.00 anywhere in Canada
  • Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec – $15.00 New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI,
  • Saskatchewan – $15.00 Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland – $18.00
  • Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon – $25.00
  • We do not ship outside of Canada.

Shipping is free on all orders over $100.00.

How do we come up with these charges? We don’t make money on shipping, we charge what it costs us for the actual postage, and the shipping supplies we use to ship your order.

Every comic is bagged and boarded (about .12 per book). We bundle the comics and bag them into bags to keep them tight (about .02 per bag). We package the bundles in bubble wrap (about .20 per order). We put the bubble wrapped bundles in specially constructed boxes (about $2.50 per box) Then we deliver it to Canada Post, who weighs and ships your order. The average cost for just shipping supplies is about $4-$8 per order. When you look at your order, you’ll see the actual amount we paid for shipping. We understand that many people don’t like paying for shipping, we don’t particularly like paying for shipping either.

However, when you consider that having your comics delivered to you saves you travelling costs, and frees up your valuable time, it works out to about the same amount of money.

When will I get charged for my subscriptions?

Your comics will be billed to you based on your shipping schedule. If you are weekly, we will bill you weekly. Twice monthly? We bill you twice a month. Monthly? Yup, you guessed it, we will bill you monthly.

For twice monthly orders, we bill on the Wednesday closest to the 15th, and the last Wednesday of the month.

For monthly orders, we bill on the last Wednesday of the month.

You will get an email that will have a link to your account with your current total. Orders are not processed until they’re paid for.

Will I get the next issue that is being released if I sign up today?

There is a three week wait between the time you order a comic and the time we can pull the next issue for you. We have to deal with a cut-off date called “Final Order Cut Off” (or FOC) from our distributor, which means we have to have our final numbers to them three weeks in advance. For some comics we order a few extra copies, but for the majority of comics, we order the number of copies that our customers have pre-ordered.

Will I start at issue #1?

You will start at the next available number. For a series that is starting up in a month, that would be the first issue, but if that issue is two weeks away, then you would start at #2. I need to repeat this, because it can be confusing. We start you on the next available issue, not from the start of a series. If the next issue is #25, and you sign up three weeks before it is released, you would get #25.

If you are looking for back issues, please contact us and we will see if we can get you a copy of the issues you need. In many cases, the previous issues will have been collected as trade paperbacks, or we may have some copies available for sale.

What if I decide I don’t want a title?

On My subscriptions, you just click the little “Delete” button, just like adding something, deleting something takes 3 weeks to remove a title from your list and stop it from getting pulled.

You have something on the site I want to add, how can I get that shipped with my subscriptions?

Select the item, add it to your cart, and in the cart view, use the coupon code “addtosubs”, we will immediately pull that product aside and put it in your subscription order that will go out with your next available shipment.* The All New Comics store and Manage Comics store are separate services and require separate logins.

*Please note, if you are NOT a subscriber and you use this coupon, your order will be cancelled, and you will get an email telling you that you are not eligible for the add to subs coupon code.

Can I get my comics weekly?

That’s up to you. We offer weekly, twice monthly, and monthly shipping. Remember, you will pay for shipping on any orders under $75.

Shipping for up to $10.00 in comics is $7.00, if you are only having one comic shipped, you will pay more for shipping than for the comic.

We recommend weekly shipping only for people who have more than 50 titles a month, otherwise bi-weekly, or monthly are much more affordable.

How long will it take to get my comic books?

We ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and comics usually take 2-3 days to reach most locations, although the West Coast can take as long as 5-7 days. We send all packages Expedited Post, which gives us full tracking.

How many comics can I subscribe to?

You can subscribe to as few as 1 comic and as many as 950! Keep in mind two things though.

1: You have to pay for your comics every month, don’t order more than you can afford.

2: Your shipping could end up being more than your comics. If you just want one or two comics a month, you’ll likely pay as much in shipping as you will for your comics themselves.

We think that the sweet spot starts at 10 titles a month.

I am subscribed to one comic, I was charged $7.00 for shipping?

Q: My comic came to $3.00, the shipping is $7.00. How does this make any sense?

A: It doesn’t. It sucks. Shipping costs what shipping costs, we can’t do anything about it. The absolute cheapest we can ship a single comic for is $7.00. You are paying for the cost of the actual shipping, plus the custom shipping container which we have made for small orders to ensure your comic comes to you in pristine condition.

Q: Will I pay $7.00 for every comic I buy?

A: No, if you order less than $10.00 worth of comics in a month, you will pay $7.00 in shipping. If you order more than $10.00 worth of comics in a month, you will pay the shipping rate for your region.

How Much Will My Subscription Cost?

Some places offer incredible discounts, but offset it by charging higher shipping prices. At All New Comics we want to make subscribing easy for you. Therefore we only have one discount. Subscribers receive a discount off of the cover price with Canadian exchange factored in.

All of our prices are shown on the website. The big number represents the price of your comic after exchange and with your discount, the little number below is the pre-discount amount.

How do I Get Started?

Visit our subscription website and register as a new subscriber.

Before you can start signing up for titles, we require a $20.00 membership fee. For $20.00 you get a subscription account with All New Comics, and you will receive a membership package valued at $50.00 retail with your first subscription delivery. This fee helps us eliminate fraudulent sign-ups and helps us to keep our costs low.

How can I order a specific (or variant) cover?

We strongly believe that variant covers are bad for the comics industry.

Some stores charge 3 to 100 times cover price for these variants – in order to cover the extra product that they have to carry to qualify, when in our opinion it’s what’s inside that counts.

We do not order more copies of a comic to qualify for variants.

Because of the nature of variant covers, we cannot ensure that they will arrive in sufficient quantities for special orders.

When do new comics arrive?

We get new comics on Tuesdays, but we are not allowed to sell them until Wednesday, although there are rare occasions where they are delayed to Thursdays.

We will bag, board, and set your books aside the day they arrive. We ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays only (as it takes some time to process orders).

The shipping release date says this comic was released and I don't see it pulled

This happens a lot, and there are so many reasons why this could be the case, let me give you a few.

  • Release dates are created and published by lying liars who lie.
  • There are a ton of times where a bunch of sites say something was released and it just wasn’t.
  • Our copies didn’t arrive - Sometimes our distributor forgets to send the copies we need, they make up for it the following week.
  • Our copies were damaged - Sometimes our copies arrive damaged. We do not pull damaged comics, and our distributor will replace them the following week.
  • We didn’t get enough copies - Sometimes we get shorted on something, and we have to wait a week to get all of the copies before we do a pull. Since most of our customers are on a monthly shipping cycle, this doesn’t impact you 3 out of 4 weeks.
  • Something else dumb happened - There are just so many dumb things that can happen to a comic, but we always track them down and pull them as soon as we have mint condition copies in hand.

When will you ship out my comics?

We usually ship out books on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We only ship out paid orders. Invoices usually go out by Wednesday morning weekly, twice monthly – on the middle and end of the month, and monthly goes out the last Wednesday of the month. Books with paid invoices will go out either the following Thursday or Tuesday morning. Shipments are packaged and mailed on a first-come, first served basis. You will get an update when your order is shipped.

What if there’s a mistake in my subscription?

We try for complete accuracy, but our automated subscription pick-o-bots occasionally have a glitch in the system. If we miss something or inadvertently send you something you didn’t want, contact us, and we will make it right. If inadvertently bill you for something you didn’t have on your list, we will credit your account.

What if I want something not on my list, or add it after the cut off

We try to accommodate our customers any way we can. We have deals in place with several other retailers to help us out if you need to find something you forgot to add to your list. The reality of comics is that most are printed to order, meaning there are very few copies outside of the initial orders.

If it’s in stock, we’ll add it to your invoice. If it’s not, you will be charged current market rate for any special order items we need to order. If we have to pay extra to acquire something, we will pass that extra cost on to you. We will let you know how much something will cost before we purchase it on your behalf.

What if I want to try something new just for one issue?

Just add it to your subscriptions and send us a note explaining that you just want one issue.

I don't want to pay for shipping. Can you hold my books until I get to the $100.00 limit?


We understand that you don’t want to pay for shipping. Neither do we. The fact is someone has to pay for shipping, if it’s not you, it’s us.

We have to pay the bill to receive our comics 7 days after we get them. If we are holding your comics for 2-3 months, we are floating you an interest free loan for 2-3 months, and paying for your shipping. That’s a lose-lose proposition for us.

Not only that, but we tried this once upon a time. Every single one of those customers who waited on their comics would cancel and leave us holding a bunch of product.

That makes it a lose-lose-lose, and nobody wins when we lose three times!

What if I don’t pay?

We would appreciate it if you pay your bill as soon as you get it. We understand that sometimes circumstances happen that you need a little time. We give people two weeks after billing to get their bills paid, but on the second week we send a reminder email.

On week 3, we will suspend your account. If we don’t hear from you within a week, we close our your account and forward any unpaid invoices to a collection agency.

You will send my bill to a collection agency?

Yes. By signing up with All New Comics and paying your subscription fee, you agree to pay for anything you have ordered. We agree to purchase it from our distributor with our own money, send you an invoice, and ship it to you when your order has been paid for. That is our agreement, if you violate this agreement, we have no choice but to seek restitution.

We have had people leave us with hundreds of dollars of comics that they ordered and suddenly no longer want. While we understand different circumstances, we are on the hook for the price of comics 7 days after we receive them.

What if I have extraordinary circumstances?

We understand extraordinary circumstances. If you have a problem, please contact us immediately and we will come to a solution with you. In over 10 years we’ve had people lose their jobs, get in accidents, and even end up in the hospital, but we’ve worked with them to make sure their comics passion was uninterrupted.