Customer Testimonials

A wise man once said that the best advertisement is a happy customer, and we here at All New Comics believe that wholeheartedly. We love to hear from our customers, and we will post their comments here for everyone to read.

We pride ourselves on well packaged comics which arrive to you in the same condition they leave us…pristine. Hearing back from our customers reassures us that our packaging works every time. 

Don J.

11 years later ANC has yet to miss an issue. That is unheard of at a brick and mortar store.

Eric K.

This service has been great for me. I don’t have a comic book store anywhere near me so this has been a great way for me to get my comics

Tony B.

The only subscription service I would use. All New Comics is the best. Period.

Harvey A.

All New Comics is just what I needed when my LCS closed – never mind there’s a new one now, I’m very happy with All New Comics and the ease of ordering!

Scott F.

All New Comics is the best thing to happen to my comic collecting. When my local store shut down I found the site and enjoying delivery of books right to my house and all the perks of being a customer!

Jeff H.

I have found the services to be great, with pricing on point and a staff making sure your experience is a great one. I highly recommend All New Comics.


All New Comics has been absolutely fantastic as a subscription service for my comics. They’re delivered every month on time, and Peter has been great and easy to deal with. Great service!

Jean-Luc A.

I would never go back to anything else. This is my neighbourhood comic book shop accessible through a touch of a button and with great service.

Trevor C.

Having had pull lists, at various stores and other websites, for more than 30 years, All New Comics has been the most professional, accurate and managed of them all.

Bob M.

You never need to miss an issue with the locally-managed ANC service. Advance warning of upcoming changes (e.g., the periodic reboots / title changes at DC and Marvel) allows you to add new titles / replace obsolete ones with ease.

Jordan R.

I love my subscription service. It’s easy to manage my pull list as well as purchasing new issues available to add to it. Plus it all gets shipped right to my door! All shipments are very well packaged and all issues are always in NM+ condition.  I’m a very happy and satisfied customer.

Jeff H.

I have found the services to be great, with pricing on point and a staff making sure your experience is a great one. I highly recommend All New Comics.

Paul A.

Finally a comic book service tailored to my needs. Even though it’s all online I feel like I’m still part of that great comic book community that I grew up with.

Ron A.

Living in a smaller community there are no comic shops here. Comics aren’t common in convenience stores like they where 20 years ago. So I stopped collecting years ago. With All New Comics I have been able to start collecting again!!

Larry W.

I love that you get your comics sent directly to you. It’s like Christmas every month when you get that package at your door! Thanks, guys!


Brian D.

All New Comics has been my only comic supplier for years now, and they’ve never missed a beat. They provide excellent customer service, catering to basically every request I’ve made over the years. The comics come in great shape, packed with obvious care and so safely they’d survive even the roughest trip through the mail system. The online subscription system is a piece of cake, and the prices can’t be beat. There just isn’t enough good to say about these guys. Thanks so much!

Grant T.

I have been using All New Comics for a couple of years and rely on their timely delivery to my door, this saves me time, gas and parking money and walking to the Comic Shop only to find it closed for some reason or other. It saves money as I don’t go in and buy stuff I don’t need to complete a certain run. It’s also better for the comics as I don’t have to cram them into a saddlebag to ride home. Grant T.


After 20 years of collecting comics through various dealers and online services, all new comics has been by far the most consistent and friendly in terms of being able to communicate with and being consistent. Job well done!

Eric D.

All New Comics took the frustration out of buying comics for this small town guy. They have great delivery options, work to accommodate special requests, and always fill my order properly. Great service!

Tyler P.

All New Comics has saved me the trouble of weekly store visits. Their shipments arrive very soon after invoicing is complete and have always been packaged securely so every comic has arrived in perfect condition.

Chris L.

I don’t really have time to go and browse a comic store during business hours as often as I’d like. I get to actually read an entire series with a subscription that shows up in the mail. It’s a wonderful service.


Virginia N.

The team answered all my questions right away – very customer service oriented.

Kevin C.

All New Comics is the best! Its the only way to get your comics. Proud and happy customer.

Hugh H.

Great for us rural fans.