Previews for October 2023

Oct 3, 2023

The October 23 previews spotlight Animal Pound from Boom! by Tom King, the continuation of BeastWorld in DC, Where the Body Was by Brubaker and Phillips, and The Death of Moon Knight. The October previews are for products which start shipping in December 2023.

Our initial order cutoff for the month is Sunday October 22nd, make sure you update your list before then.

All New Comics Deal of the Month:

DC - Batman Year One Facsimile Editions for $3.00(USD) each. This only applies to the standard editions and the deal is for 1 copy of each issue. No multiples.

Spotlight Titles:

Animal Pound

From the publisher of Slaughterhouse Five: The Graphic Novel comes a bold reimagining of George Orwell's timeless masterpiece by two award-winning creators working together for the first time! Visionary writer Tom King (The Human Target, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow) and acclaimed artist Peter Gross (American Jesus, The Books of Magic) invite readers to experience a modern allegory inspired by Animal Farm. 

Titans Beast World

Beast World continues in December with three brand new Beast World one-shots.

Vengeance Of The Moon Knight

Clad in the black of mourning, the Midnight Mission remains! But who is left to keep the faith? And how have they been changed by the Black Spectre's master stroke? 

Where The Body Was Hardcover

ED BRUBAKER and SEAN PHILLIPS, bestselling creators of PULP, RECKLESS, and CRIMINAL, are back with a new original graphic novel that readers will be obsessed with.

Other featured previews:


In a world where pop stars have ascended to divinity, and the masses bow in veneration to a new generation of viral superstars-angels and demons thrive on this exaltation, and revel in this spotlight that grants them unimaginable power.

Disney Villains Cruella De Vil

The beloved Disney villain - in her own FABULOUS series, darling! Even though there's absolutely no hard evidence that noted couturire Cruella De Vil was ever involved in the theft of any Dalmatian puppies, her name has been ruined in all of the tabloids, and now her reputation in the fashion world is hanging by a thread.


The new Energon Universe expands in December with Duke #1, a limited series from Joshua Williamson (DCs Superman, Dark Ride), Tom Reilly (The Thing) and Jordie Bellaire (W0rldtr33), that tells the story youve never read before the origins of G.I. Joe and Cobra in a world grappling with the arrival of the Autobots and Decepticons.

Fall Of The House Of X

The mutants are about to face a challenging period in the upcoming "Fall of X." They've enjoyed relative stability in their own nation, Krakoa, but now things are taking a dark turn, impacting mutants across various storylines. This event marks an exciting new era for the mutants and tests the foundations laid since House and Powers. The story's long-term planning becomes evident as past events come into play. "Sins of Sinister" will also have significant consequences, as all four Sinisters with different agendas are involved, causing chaos for mutantkind.

Gumaa Beginning Of Her (Mature)

YOUNG KHALIDA escapes from a drug syndicate and discovers an ancient blade in a long-abandoned temple. Using its power, she becomes the GODDESS OF THE CITY, controlling the citizens through dark magic and fear. 

Kneel Before

General Zod was Krypton's most notorious criminal. Now he has an entire planet to rule--but what happens when the most dangerous individual in the universe gets everything he ever wanted? Obviously, he wants more--and he'll stop at nothing to get it--in the most brutal series you'll read this year! 

Maze Agency

The Maze Agency is back! The Eisner- and Harvey-Award nominated series by creator Mike W. Barr (writer/creator of Camelot 3000 and writer of Batman: Son of the Demon) joins forces with artist Silvano Beltramo to return to the world of everyone's favorite comic book detective team.

Original X-Men

THE OG 5 ON AN ALL-NEW ADVENTURE! Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman and Angel - the first and greatest heroes to bear the X-Men name - once traveled into their own futures and reset the course of history. 

Our Bones Dust

MINISERIES PREMIERE A feral child equal parts predator and prey, navigates a nightmare landscape of brutality and blood inhabited by scattered cannibal tribes.

Star Wars Revelations



BEHOLD THE FUTURE OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE - FEATURING THE DEBUT OF TWO NEW MARVEL ICONS! In a devastating future born from the choices of today, all of time and space is threatened by the ascension of an ancient evil. The MOON KNIGHT UNENDING has risen - a nightmare born of StarkTech, the Eternal Machine and the God of the Moon - and now all of Earth bows before his overwhelming power!

New Products:

ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS - Sabrina Teenage Witch Holiday Special - $5.43
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS - Archie Christmas Spectacular 2023 One Shot - $5.43
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS - Archies Pep Comics TPB - $16.31
BOOM! STUDIOS - Underheist - $6.79
BOOM! STUDIOS - Book Of Butcher - $13.59
BOOM! STUDIOS - Something Is Killing The Children TPB Volume 07 - $20.39
BOOM! STUDIOS - Grim TPB Volume 03 - $20.39
BOOM! STUDIOS - Stuff Of Nightmares Slay Ride - $10.87
BOOM! STUDIOS - Orcs The Gift - $8.15
DARK HORSE COMICS - Assassins Apprentice II - $5.43
DARK HORSE COMICS - Borealis - $5.43
DARK HORSE COMICS - Critical Role Tales Of Exandria II Artagan - $5.43
DARK HORSE COMICS - Masterpiece - $5.43
DARK HORSE COMICS - Time Traveler Tales - $5.43
DC COMICS - Titans Beast World Tour Gotham #1 (One Shot) - $8.15
DC COMICS - Titans Beast World Tour Central City #1 (One Shot) - $8.15
DC COMICS - Titans Beast World Tour Atlantis #1 (One Shot) - $8.15
DC COMICS - Kneel Before - $6.79
DC COMICS - Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries (2024) - $4.07
DC COMICS - New Teen Titans #1 Facsimile Edition - $5.43
DC COMICS - Batman #404 Facsimile Edition - $5.43
DC COMICS - Batman #405 Facsimile Edition - $5.43
DC COMICS - Batman #406 Facsimile Edition - $5.43
DC COMICS - Batman #407 Facsimile Edition - $5.43
DC COMICS - Batman Detective Comics (2022) Hardcover Volume 02 Gotham Nocturne Act I - $40.79
DC COMICS - Batman Justice Buster TPB Volume 02 - $13.59
DC COMICS - Joker One Operation Joker TPB Volume 03 - $13.59
DC COMICS - Milestone Compendium 03 TPB - $81.59
DC COMICS - Monkey Prince TPB Volume 01 Enter The Monkey - $23.11
DC COMICS - Nubia Queen Of The Amazons TPB - $23.11
DYNAMITE - Disney Villains Cruella De Vil - $5.43
DYNAMITE - Justice Ducks - $5.43
DYNAMITE - Jennifer Blood Battle Diary (Mature) - $6.79
DYNAMITE - Legenderry Red Sonja One Shot - $8.15
IMAGE COMICS - Duke - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - Bloodrik (Mature) - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - Bloody Dozen Shrouded College - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - Our Bones Dust - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - Big Game TPB (Mature) - $24.47
IMAGE COMICS - Gunslinger Spawn TPB Volume 03 - $23.11
IMAGE COMICS - Hey Kids Comics TPB Volume 03 Schlock Of The New - $23.11
IMAGE COMICS - Immortal Sergeant TPB - $33.99
IMAGE COMICS - Life House Hardcover - $67.99
IMAGE COMICS - Stoneheart TPB Volume 01 - $17.67
IMAGE COMICS - Where The Body Was Hardcover - $38.07
KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT - Spellweaver - $8.15
MAD CAVE STUDIOS - Skeeters - $6.79
MAD CAVE STUDIOS - Charred Remains (Mature) - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - Timeless - $9.51
MARVEL COMICS - Vengeance Of The Moon Knight - $8.15
MARVEL COMICS - Daredevil Gang War - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu Gang War - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - Giant-Size Super-Stars #1 Facsimile Edition - $9.51
MARVEL COMICS - Rom And The X-Men Marvel Tales - $10.87
MARVEL COMICS - Original X-Men - $8.15
MARVEL COMICS - Star Wars Revelations - $9.51
MARVEL COMICS - Fall Of The House Of X - $8.15
MARVEL COMICS - Miguel Ohara Spider-Man 2099 - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - Star Wars Visions Takashi Okazaki - $8.15
MARVEL COMICS - Rise Of The Powers Of X - $8.15
MARVEL COMICS - Ultimate Spider-Man - $8.15
MARVEL COMICS - Scarlet Witch By Steve Orlando TPB Volume 02 Magnum Opus - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - Cult Of Carnage TPB Misery - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - Red Goblin TPB Volume 02 Nature Nurture - $21.75
MARVEL COMICS - Venom Lethal Protector Life And Deaths TPB - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - Spider-Man India TPB Seva - $21.75
MARVEL COMICS - Venom By Al Ewing Ram V TPB Volume 05 Predestination - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - Captain Marvel Dark Tempest TPB - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - X-Men Hellfire Gala TPB Fall Of X - $33.99
MARVEL COMICS - Magneto TPB Magneto Was Right - $21.75
MARVEL COMICS - X-Men Days Of Future Past TPB Doomsday - $21.75
MARVEL COMICS - Marvel Unleashed TPB - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - New Mutants Lethal Legion - $21.75
MARVEL COMICS - Sabretooth And The Exiles TPB - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - Incredible Hulk TPB Volume 01 Age Of Monsters - $27.19
MARVEL COMICS - Strange Academy Year Two TPB - $47.59
MARVEL COMICS - Avengers Beyond TPB - $21.75
MARVEL COMICS - Captain Britain By Betsy Braddock TPB - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - Marvel Two-In-One Epic Collect TPB Volume#2 Two Against Hydra - $61.19
MARVEL COMICS - Captain America Epic Collect TPB Volume #21 Last Gleaming - $61.19
MARVEL COMICS - Luke Cage Epic Collect TPB Volume #2 The Fire This Time - $61.19
MARVEL COMICS - Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection TPB Volume #27 The Clone Saga - $61.19
MARVEL COMICS - Dark Avengers Modern Era Epic Collect TPB Volume 01 Osborns Reig - $67.99
MARVEL COMICS - Spider-Woman By Pacheco Perez TPB - $61.19
MARVEL COMICS - Avengers Twilight - $8.15
MARVEL COMICS - Resurrection Of Magneto - $8.15
MARVEL COMICS - Giant-Size Spider-Man - $9.51
MARVEL COMICS - Kid Venom Origins - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - Marvel Meow - $8.15
MARVEL COMICS - Msh Secret Wars #1 Facsimile Edition - $6.79
ONI PRESS INC. - Invasive (Mature) - $6.79
ONI PRESS INC. - Rick & Morty Presents Rick In A Box (Mature) - $8.15
Other Publishers - Washed In Blood (Mature) - $6.79
Other Publishers - Ozuna Bori 787 (Mature) - $6.79
Other Publishers - Machine Girl & Space Hell Engels - $13.59
Other Publishers - Bloodfire For God & Country One Shot (Mature) - $6.79
Other Publishers - Distemper - $6.79
Other Publishers - Blasfamous - $12.23
Other Publishers - Watson And Holmes Scandal In Harlem TPB - $34.00
Other Publishers - Terra Antarctica Graphic Novel - $23.11
Other Publishers - Homicide Graphic Novel Part 02 - $44.87
SCOUT COMICS - Blood Run - $8.15
SCOUT COMICS - Maze Agency - $6.79
SCOUT COMICS - Total Party Killer - $10.87
SCOUT COMICS - Thirteen Origins The Wake - $6.79
TITAN COMICS - Gumaa Beginning Of Her (Mature) - $6.79
TITAN COMICS - Life Is Strange Forget Me Not (Mature) - $5.43
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC - Cinderella Princess Of Death - $8.15