Previews for April 2023

May 3, 2023

The April 23 previews spotlight Void Rivals, a new shared universe by Robert Kirkman from Skybound and Image, an all new Conan series from Titan Comics, 800th issues of both Flash and Wonder Woman for Dawn of the DC Universe, and Marvel's Ultimate Invasion from Hickman and Hitch. These April previews are for products shipping beginning June 2023.

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All New Comics deal of the month:

Steelworks #1 - $3.00(USD), regular price $3.99(USD)

FORGING THE FUTURE! The Metropolis of the future is here today, but can it survive a terrorist who's out for revenge against its builder--John Henry Irons, a.k.a. Steel--and his company, Steelworks...and who possesses secrets that could undo everything John has worked so hard to build? 

Spotlight Titles:

Ultimate Invasion

THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE BEGINS! Superstar creators Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch team up! The Illuminati must form once again to stop the Maker from his plans to destroy - or perhaps rebuild - the universe, with Miles Morales at the center of it all! 

Void Rivals

SERIES PREMIERE The blockbuster OBLIVION SONG team of ROBERT KIRKMAN & LORENZO DE FELICI debut the biggest new comic book series of 2023 with the launch of AN ALL-NEW SHARED UNIVERSE and a SURPRISE you won't see coming!

Other Featured Previews:

Black Panther

A KING WITHOUT A CROWN! Banished from the throne and a fugitive in his own homelands, T'Challa still can't leave Wakanda without its sworn protector. A king without a crown, he finds new purpose lurking the streets and shadows of the Wakandan city that bears his father's name.

Black's Myth The Key To His Heart (Mature)

It's back, the "moody tale that smartly blends familiar supernatural elements with the trappings of classic pulpy crime stories" (Comics Beat). In this new case, werewolf private eye Janie "Strummer" Mercado tries to prevent a young girl from becoming a monster, with the aid of her suave djinn assistant Ben Si'lat.


Ten years after the events of the blockbuster Creed III, Amara Creed is on her own path, stepping outside her father Adonis Creed's shadow and training like there's no tomorrow. But when her division opponents no longer present a challenge, Amara's drive will have her following in her father's footsteps, going underground.

Incredible Hulk

THE AGE OF MONSTERS HAS BEGUN! As an enraged Hulk tries to take control of Bruce Banner's body permanently, a mysterious immortal turns every monster in the Marvel Universe against Banner in an attempt to free their creator, the primordial Mother of Horrors. 


LOKI SAVES THE MARVEL UNIVERSE? He may be the 'benevolent' God of Stories now, but Loki's past as the God of Lies returns to haunt him when ancient, powerful weapons he once built end up scattered across the Ten Realms! 

Magician's Rabbit (Nonstop)

NONSTOP! where Scout releases a World Premiere issue followed by the entire story a few months later in one volume. In a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has embraced robotic bodies to survive, one such robot begins to doubt his thoughts are really his own.

Sins Of The Salton Sea (Mature)

Wyatt, a professional thief living off the grid, is recruited by his brother for one last job. Their target: an armored car traveling down a desolate stretch of California highway. But when it turns out that their target is carrying not gold bars but human cargo, Wyatt is plunged into a conflict between warring factions of a doomsday cult.


From Vampirella's fiftieth anniversary to her very own series! She started as Vampirella's lover and ended up a very powerful pawn of Vampi's mother, Lilith. Along the way, Victory's made new friends, seen countless horrors, been saddled with a demon's ring that she can't get rid of, encountered the ghost of an old friend, and opened too many dimensional gateways to count.


Because the future is getting weirder everyday, we give you XINO #001

Dawn of DC:

As DC Comics' universe building "Dawn of DC" promotion continues, Penguin and Steel get new series.


REVENGE IS FOR THE BIRDS. After retiring to Metropolis following his death, Oswald Cobblepot finds himself forced back into the unpredictable and violent Gotham City underworld as a pawn for the United States intelligence community!


FORGING THE FUTURE! The Metropolis of the future is here today, but can it survive a terrorist who's out for revenge against its builder--John Henry Irons, a.k.a. Steel--and his company, Steelworks...and who possesses secrets that could undo everything John has worked so hard to build? 


New Products:

AHOY COMICS - Black's Myth The Key To His Heart (Mature) - $5.43
AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS - Cursedverse Blighted Dawn - $5.43
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS - Archie & Friends Hot Summer One Shot - $5.43
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS - Archie & Friends Endless Escapades TPB - $17.67
ARTISTS WRITERS & ARTISANS INC - Sins Of The Salton Sea (Mature) - $5.43
ARTISTS WRITERS & ARTISANS INC - Trojan TPB (Mature) - $13.59
BLACK MASK COMICS - Leaded Gasoline (Mature) - $6.79
BOOM! STUDIOS - Fence Redemption - $6.79
BOOM! STUDIOS - Creed - $6.79
BOOM! STUDIOS - Wilds End - $6.79
BOOM! STUDIOS - Magic Planeswalkers Noble - $10.87
BOOM! STUDIOS - Damn Them All TPB Volume 01 (Mature) - $27.19
BOOM! STUDIOS - Approach TPB (Mature) - $24.47
BOOM! STUDIOS - Specs TPB - $20.39
DARK HORSE COMICS - Oddly Pedestrian Life Christopher Chaos - $6.79
DARK HORSE COMICS - Savage Squad 6 - $5.43
DC COMICS - Penguin - $5.43
DC COMICS - Joker Uncovered (One Shot) - $8.15
DC COMICS - Steelworks - $5.43
DC COMICS - DC Pride 2023 #1 (One Shot) - $13.59
DC COMICS - DC Pride Through The Years #1 (One Shot) - $13.59
DC COMICS - Static Team-Up Anansi #1 (One Shot) - $5.43
DC COMICS - Batman (2022) Hardcover Volume 02 The Bat-Man Of Gotham - $33.99
DC COMICS - Batman Detective Comics (2022) Hardcover Volume 01 Gotham Nocturne Overture - $40.79
DC COMICS - Blue Beetle Graduation Day TPB English Language Version - $20.39
DC COMICS - Wildcats (2022) Hardcover Volume 01 Better Living Through Violence - $33.99
DC COMICS - Joker TPB Volume 02 - $27.19
DYNAMITE - Victory - $5.43
DYNAMITE - Starfinder Angels Drift - $6.79
IDW PUBLISHING - Brynmore - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - In Hell We Fight - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - Void Rivals - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - Battle Chasers (Mature) - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - Bone Orchard Tenement (Mature) - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - Haunt You To The End - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - Klik Klik Boom (Mature) - $5.43
IMAGE COMICS - Tales Of Syzpense (Mature) - $6.79
IMAGE COMICS - Gospel TPB Volume 01 - $20.39
IMAGE COMICS - Inferno Girl TPB Volume 01 - $24.47
IMAGE COMICS - Junkyard Joe TPB Volume 01 - $20.39
IMAGE COMICS - Megaton Archives TPB - $40.79
IMAGE COMICS - Voyagis TPB - $20.39
IMAGE COMICS - Savage Dragon Ultimate Collection Hardcover Volume 02 (Mature) - $54.39
MAD CAVE STUDIOS - You've Been Cancelled - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - Ultimate Invasion - $12.23
MARVEL COMICS - Loki - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - Deadpool Badder Blood - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - Amazing Spider-Man #121 Facsimile Edition - $5.43
MARVEL COMICS - Amazing Spider-Man #122 Facsimile Edition - $5.43
MARVEL COMICS - Spider-Man India - $5.43
MARVEL COMICS - Son Origins Marvel Comics Marvel Tales #1 - $10.87
MARVEL COMICS - X-Men Before Fall Heralds Of Apocalypse #1 - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - X-Men Before Fall Mutants First Strike #1 - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Empire - $6.79
MARVEL COMICS - Amazing Spiderman By Zeb Wells TPB Volume 05 Dead Language Part 1 - $21.75
MARVEL COMICS - Avengers Assemble TPB - $47.59
MARVEL COMICS - Invincible Iron Man By Gerry Duggan TPB Volume 01 Demon In Armor - $27.19
MARVEL COMICS - Mary Jane And Black Cat TPB Dark Web - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - Avengers War Across Time TPB - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - Scarlet Witch By Steve Orlando TPB Volume 01 The Last Door - $27.19
MARVEL COMICS - Daredevil & Elektra By Zdarsky TPB Volume 02 Red Fist Saga Pt 2 - $21.75
MARVEL COMICS - Hulk By Donny Cates TPB Volume 02 Hulk Planet - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - Miles Morales Spiderman By Ziglar TPB Volume 01 Trial By Spider - $24.47
MARVEL COMICS - Monica Rambeau Photon TPB - $21.75
MARVEL COMICS - Trials Of X TPB Volume 12 - $27.19
MARVEL COMICS - X-Treme X-Men By Claremont & Larroca TPB A New Beginning - $21.75
MARVEL COMICS - Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collector's TPB Spider-Man Or Spider-Clone - $61.19
MARVEL COMICS - Daredevil Epic Collection Into The Fire TPB - $67.99
MARVEL COMICS - Thunderbolts Epic Collector's TPB Volume 01 Justice Like Lightning - $67.99
MARVEL COMICS - Thor Epic Collection TPB Hel On Earth - $67.99
ONI PRESS INC. - Xino - $8.15
Other Publishers - Svengoolie Lost In Time - $10.87
Other Publishers - Ancient Enemies The Greater Good - $5.43
Other Publishers - Razors Edge One Shot Cover A Mangum (Mature) - $6.12
Other Publishers - Killing Hope - $8.15
Other Publishers - Monsters Clean Up Guy - $5.43
Other Publishers - Mother Russia - $6.79
Other Publishers - Sunshine Patriots (Mature) - $13.59
Other Publishers - Animals (Mature) - $9.51
Other Publishers - Tales Of Asunda - $5.43
Other Publishers - Pink Elephant (Mature) - $5.43
Other Publishers - Ninja Funk One Shot (Mature) - $6.79
RED 5 COMICS - Prometheus In Chains - $6.73
SCOUT COMICS - Death Drop Drag Assassin (Mature) - $6.79
SCOUT COMICS - Dust - $6.79
SCOUT COMICS - Ejunky (Nonstop) - $8.15
SCOUT COMICS - Magician's Rabbit (Nonstop) - $6.79
SCOUT COMICS - Quarry (Nonstop) - $6.79
SCOUT COMICS - Bones Of The Gods - $6.79
SCOUT COMICS - Sidequest - $6.79
SCOUT COMICS - Talyn Seed Of Darkness (Nonstop) - $8.15
SCOUT COMICS - Trance - $13.59
SCOUT COMICS - Travelers Guide To Flogoria - $8.15
SCOUT COMICS - Thanks Romina (One Shot) - $6.79
SOURCE POINT PRESS - Blaze Ya Dead Homie (One Shot) (Mature) - $6.79
SOURCE POINT PRESS - Murder By Mail (Mature) - $6.79
TITAN COMICS - Heat Seeker Gun Honey Series (Mature) - $5.43
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC - Gretel Dark Impulses - $8.15
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC - Keys Of Cthulhu One Shot - $9.51