New Previews for March 2024

Mar 6, 2024

March Previews feature - Space Ghost fighting evil in a new series, The Boy Wonder from DC's Black Label, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles go Black, White and GREEN! March Previews are for products shipping beginning in May 2024.

All New Comics Deal of the Month:

Space Ghost #1 - Reg: $4.99(USD), Your Price: $4.00(USD)

There is a cosmic vigilante who metes out justice throughout the galaxy, bringing vengeance to those prey upon the defenseless. Some say he is a policeman who has abandoned the strictures of the law. Others say he is a phantom, the sole survivor of a war-torn planet. He is Space Ghost.

The Initial Order Cut-Off for March is Sunday March 24th, get your initial orders in to make sure you get everything you want!

All New Comics will be at the Toronto Comicon March 15-17th at MTCC in the North Building. If you're interested in picking up your comics at the show, please let us know so that we can prepare them for you.

Spotlight Titles:

The Boy Wonder (Mature)

Visionary writer/artist Juni Ba makes his mark on the timeless story of Batman and Robin, synthesizing the characters' complex history into an accessible and heartrending fairy tale!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Black, White, And Green

Thrill to all-new adventures by the likes of Paulina Ganucheau (Wonder Woman: The Adventures of Young Diana), Declan Shalvey (Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan, Moon Knight), and more. With covers by Shalvey, Ganucheau, and superstar James Stokoe (Orc Stain; Godzilla: The Half-Century War)!

Other featured previews:

Archie Comics Judgment Day

In a world overrun with demons, Archie Andrews is on a quest to cleanse Riverdale of all wicked-kind. Harnessing the destructive power of a captive fiend, he will have to destroy corrupted and possessed versions of the people closest to him.

Amory Wars No World For Tomorrow (Mature)

Long time comics creator and Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez makes a triumphant return to conclude the fan-favorite Amory Wars, where death is only the beginning. Claudio Kilgannon was thought dead by The Red Army, but a rising suspicion sends them on a trail to discover his fate. If Claudio is in fact alive, he'll be in dire straits amidst the mystery and mayhem that's yet to unfold.

Anansi Boys I

#1 New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman joins forces with Eisner nominated Adora writer Marc Bernardin and Thief of Thieves cocreator Shawn Martinbrough to adapt Gaimans Locus and British Fantasy Award-winning novel as a comic book series for the first timeand soon to be a television show on Amazon Prime! 

Blood Squad Seven

Series Premiere. Thirty years ago, they were America's premiere celebrity super-hero team. Seen on television, on tabloid magazine covers, scoring million-dollar endorsement deals they were everywhere! Now, a new generation takes up the mantle-or perhaps, the poisoned chalice-fulfilling a promise made decades ago: to be the heroes that a fractured America needs!

Marvel's Blood Hunt continues this month with:

DC Comics Crisis on Infinite Earths

THE TRANSFORMATIVE DC CROSSOVER RETURNS IN MONTHLY FACSIMILES OF ALL 12 ISSUES! Heroes will live! Heroes will die! And the DC Universe will never again be the same! 

Giant-Size X-Men

THE AVENGING ANGEL LOSES HIMSELF IN A DANGEROUS MAZE OF THE MIND! A mysterious card has lured the dashing Warren Worthington III, A.K.A.. ANGEL of the X-MEN, to a quiet New York City streetwhere he will undergo a torturous trial unlike any he's ever faced before! 


Two best-friend outcasts navigate the Sacramento suburbs of 1984, where they find a home in skateboard culture and punk rock. On one side of the coin, Grommets is an authentic look at 80s skate culture, a snapshot of the generation that turned skating into a worldwide phenomenon

Gun Honey Collision Course

THE BEST-SELLING SERIES, GUN HONEY IS BACK! JOANNA TAN RETURNS FOR A NEW HEART-RACING SERIES! After nearly a year in hiding from government agents looking to kill her, GUN HONEY - JOANNA TAN - launches a plan to turn the tables that will take her from the jungles of Borneo, to the streets of Yokohama, and the sands of the Gobi Desert. But when four armed groups converge on one secret location, will anyone survive the explosive collision?

One For Sorrow (Mature)

JAMIE McKELVIE IS BACK WITH HIS FIRST SOLO CREATOR-OWNED PROJECT IN OVER A DECADE! London, 1900. The capital hums with the energy of the new era, but something darker lurks beneath the surface. A monstrous figure stalks the city's criminal underworld at night, leaving a trail of bloody corpses in its wake. Rumors about the mysterious killer spread like wildfire. It's a demon. A phantom. An angel of vengeance. Nothing can kill it. Nothing can stop it. And once it picks a new target, well, he better have a coffin picked out, because he's already dead. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Alpha

Whats the world like without the TMNT? Since their time-spanning victory over Armaggon, the Turtles have started to pursue other interests, leaving a void in New York among humans and mutants alike. This special issue explores the effects this change has on those connected to the brothers, from Old Hob to Jennika, across the five boroughs and all the way through Mutant Island. Its hard to tell how important someone is until they are gone. 


THE ULTIMATES RETURN TO GREATNESS! Spinning out of Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli's ULTIMATE UNIVERSE #1, rising stars Deniz Camp (CHILDREN OF THE VAULT, 20th Century Men) and Juan Frigeri (INVINCIBLE IRON MAN) assemble an all-new team of ULTIMATES in a series that kicks off the next chapter of the new Ultimate line. 

X-Men: The Wedding Special

WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA! Mystique and Destiny are one of the most beloved - and longest running - gay couples in history. Somewhere in their 100+ years together, the pair married, but we've never seen the event on the page. This year, Marvel's Voices: Pride makes history with Marvel's first woman-to-woman wedding!

New Products:

AHOY COMICS - My Bad Escape From Peculiar Island (Mature) - $5.47
AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS - Robonic Stooges Saturday Morning Cartoons - $6.84
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS - Archie Comics Judgment Day - $6.84
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS - B&V Friends Forever Fairy Tales One Shot - $5.47
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS - Archie Giant Comics Frenzy - $15.06
ARTISTS WRITERS & ARTISANS INC - Death Ratiod (One Shot) (Mature) - $9.58
ARTISTS WRITERS & ARTISANS INC - The Ribbon Queen TPB Volume 01 (Mature) - $34.24
BOOM! STUDIOS - Amory Wars No World For Tomorrow (Mature) - $6.84
BOOM! STUDIOS - Crocodile Black (Mature) - $6.84
DARK HORSE COMICS - Anansi Boys I - $5.47
DARK HORSE COMICS - Beyond The Pale - $6.84
DARK HORSE COMICS - Canto: A Place Like Home - $5.47
DARK HORSE COMICS - Into The Unbeing Part One - $5.47
DARK HORSE COMICS - Joy Operations 2 - $6.84
DARK HORSE COMICS - Resident Alien: The Book Of Life - $5.47
DARK HORSE COMICS - The Writer - $5.47
DC COMICS - The Boy Wonder (Mature) - $8.21
DC COMICS - Wonder Woman The Adventures Of Young Diana TPB - $23.28
DC COMICS - Crisis On Infinite Earths #1 (Of 12) Facsimile Edition - $5.47
DC COMICS - Crisis On Infinite Earths #2 (Of 12) Facsimile Edition - $5.47
DC COMICS - Military Comics #1 Facsimile Edition - $9.58
DC COMICS - Our Army At War #81 Facsimile Edition - $5.47
DC COMICS - Wonder Woman Volume. 1: Outlaw TPB  - $27.39
DC COMICS - The Flash Volume. 1: Strange Attractor TPB  - $27.39
DC COMICS - The Penguin Volume. 1 TPB - $27.39
DC COMICS - Harley Quinn Black White Redder TPB - $27.39
DYNAMITE - Space Ghost - $6.84
IDW PUBLISHING - Monster High Pride 2024 - $8.21
IDW PUBLISHING - Star Trek: Celebrations - $8.21
IDW PUBLISHING - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Alpha - $9.58
IDW PUBLISHING - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Black, White, And Green - $8.21
IMAGE COMICS - Whisper Queen - $5.47
IMAGE COMICS - White Trees (One-Shot) - $8.21
IMAGE COMICS - Aint No Grave - $8.21
IMAGE COMICS - Bear Pirate Viking Queen - $6.84
IMAGE COMICS - Blood Squad Seven - $5.47
IMAGE COMICS - Grommets - $5.47
IMAGE COMICS - Lore Remastered - $13.69
IMAGE COMICS - Monolith - $4.10
IMAGE COMICS - Blood Commandment TPB Volume 01 - $23.28
IMAGE COMICS - Bloodstrike Battle Blood TPB Volume 01 - $17.80
IMAGE COMICS - Dark Ride TPB Volume 03 - $20.54
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IMAGE COMICS - Edenwood TPB Volume 01 - $13.69
IMAGE COMICS - Geiger Deluxe Edition Hardcover Volume 01 - $53.42
IMAGE COMICS - Hack Slash Back To School TPB - $17.80
IMAGE COMICS - A Haunted Girl TPB - $20.54
IMAGE COMICS - Hexagon Bridge TPB - $20.54
IMAGE COMICS - Newburn TPB Volume 02 - $23.28
IMAGE COMICS - Nights TPB Volume 01 - $13.69
IMAGE COMICS - Radiant Black TPB Volume 06 Catalyst War - $24.65
IMAGE COMICS - Singularity TPB - $24.65
IMAGE COMICS - Transformers TPB Volume 01 - $23.28
IMAGE COMICS - Universal Monsters Dracula Hardcover - $34.24
MAD CAVE STUDIOS - Sanction (Mature) - $6.84
MAD CAVE STUDIOS - Mugshots (Mature) - $8.21
MARVEL COMICS - Dracula: Blood Hunt - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Midnight Sons: Blood Hunt - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Union Jack The Ripper: Blood Hunt - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Blood Hunters - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Black Panther: Blood Hunt - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Strange Academy: Blood Hunt - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Venom: Separation Anxiety - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Deadpool & Wolverine: WWIII - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Doom - $9.58
MARVEL COMICS - Hellverine - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Get Fury - $5.47
MARVEL COMICS - Giant-Size X-Men - $9.58
MARVEL COMICS - X-Men: The Wedding Special - $13.69
MARVEL COMICS - New Mutants #98 Facsimile Edition [New Printing 2] - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Amazing Spider-Man #256 Facsimile Edition - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #6 Facsimile Edition - $6.84
MARVEL COMICS - Avengers Annual #10 Facsimile Edition - $9.58
MARVEL COMICS - Star Wars: Phantom Menace 25th Anniversary Special #1 - $8.21
MARVEL COMICS - Star Wars: The High Republic Phase III Volume. 1 - Children Of The Storm TPB - $24.65
MARVEL COMICS - Spider-Woman By Steve Foxe Volume. 1: Gang War TPB - $24.65
MARVEL COMICS - Uncanny Spider-Man: Fall Of X TPB  - $34.24
MARVEL COMICS - Realm Of X TPB - $24.65
MARVEL COMICS - Thunderbolts: Worldstrike TPB - $24.65
MARVEL COMICS - Hawkeye Modern Era Epic Collection: The Reunion TPB - $61.64
MARVEL COMICS - Thor Modern Era Epic Collection: Reborn From Ragnarok TPB - $61.64
MARVEL COMICS - New X-Men Modern Era Epic Collection: E Is For Extinction TPB - $61.64
MARVEL COMICS - Captain America Modern Era Epic Collection: The Winter Soldier TPB  - $61.64
MARVEL COMICS - Defenders Epic Collection: Enter - The Headmen TPB  - $61.64
MARVEL COMICS - Captain Marvel By Margaret Stohl TPB  - $61.64
MARVEL COMICS - Peach Momoko'S Demon Saga: Demon Days TPB - $19.17
MARVEL COMICS - X-Men: The Animated Series - Feared And Hated TPB - $19.17
MARVEL COMICS - Black Widow By Kelly Thompson TPB  - $47.94
MARVEL COMICS - Incredible Hulk Volume. 2: War Devils TPB  - $27.39
MARVEL COMICS - Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi TPB - $41.09
MARVEL COMICS - Thor Epic Collection: The Lost Gods TPB - $61.64
MARVEL COMICS - Ultimates - $8.21
ONI PRESS INC. - Toxic Summer - $9.58
Other Publishers - Eye Lie Popeye - $6.84
Other Publishers - Coins Of Judas The Gambler - $6.84
Other Publishers - Trident Of Aurelia Storm - $6.84
Other Publishers - Deliver Us From Evil (Mature) - $6.84
Other Publishers - Long Road To Retribution (Mature) - $8.21
Other Publishers - One For Sorrow (Mature) - $12.32
Other Publishers - Scale Trade - $5.47
RED 5 COMICS - Blood And Fire - $6.78
SCOUT COMICS - Burning Maid - $6.84
SCOUT COMICS - Mission Appleseed - $6.84
TITAN COMICS - Gun Honey Collision Course - $5.47
TITAN COMICS - Rivers Of London Stray Cat Blues (Mature) - $5.47
VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC - Valiants (2024) - $6.84
VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC - Rai Book Of Darque - $6.84
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC - Grimm Fairy Tales Pres 2024 May 4TH Cosplay Pinup Spec Cover A Reyes - $8.21