Comic Previews for August 2021

Sep 21, 2021

New comics previews for feature an all new Venom #1, Gunslinger Spawn, Batman the Imposter, the dead DC heroes of Task Force Z, and the beginning of the Star Trek Mirror War! All this and more in the previews for products shipping beginning October 2021 and beyond!

All New Comics Deals of the Month:

A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance #1 for $3.00(USD) instead of $3.99(USD)A NEW ONGOING CRIME SERIES from the writer of DEADLY CLASS! When an unassuming man stumbles upon a dark-web contract assassin’s vicious plot to kill an innocent target, he turns himself into one. The Professional meets Road to Perdition in this story of a family’s unlikely guardian being hunted by rich and powerful men who are used to getting away with everything.

Out #1 for $3.00(USD) instead of $3.99(USD)In the waning days of World War Two, with the Allies advancing, a desperate Nazi officer unearths an ancient force of evil that he hopes will turn the tide of battle: a vampire. To test the power of his secret weapon, he unleashes the monster on an unsuspecting group of Allied POWs. It’s up to Nocona, a Comanche language expert, to communicate with the vampire to find out what it really wants.

ET-ER #1 for $3.00(USD) instead of $3.99(USD)Intergalactic virus liquefy one of your heads? Feeling a bit ‘off’ ever since you drove through that black hole? Then visit the ET-ER, the galaxy’s leading medical facility. This interplanetary crew of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and technicians is uniquely qualified to cure what ails you. There’s no planet too far, no asteroid too small, no patient too, well alien – and they accept most forms of insurance. This super-sized debut special includes two stories of medical madness that are out of this world.

The cut-off date for subscriptions is Sunday August 22nd, please make sure you update your list before then.

Spotlight Titles:

Batman The Imposter (Mature)

Director and screenwriter Mattson Tomlin has teamed up with Eisner-winning suspense and horror artist Andrea Sorrentino to create a wholly new version of Gotham City where every punch leaves a broken bone and every action has consequences far, far beyond Batman’s imagination!

Star Trek Mirror War

To conquer the Mirror Universe, Captain Picard must first seize control of the ship-building planet of Faundori! The only problem? Faundori is inside Klingon-Cardassian Alliance territory

Other Featured Previews:

Aquaman Green Arrow Deep Target

Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Aquaman and Green Arrow! The shadowy organization known as Scorpio has resurfaced, and its larger than before. While looting the past for artifacts and treasure, they have somehow altered the timeline, and only Aquaman and Green Arrow can fix it!

Arkham City The Order Of The World

This fall, join writer Dan Watters and artist Dani on an odyssey through the deepest depths and darkest shadows of Gotham City and find all-new reasons to fear the night.

Batman Fortnite Foundation #1 (One Shot)

If you thought the Batman/Fortnite saga was over, think again…it only gets bigger from here! Includes a bonus digital code for an outfit in Fortnite.

Black Panther Legends

This new series, ideal for young fans and loyal readers alike, will explore the moments that make T’Challa who he is. Son, Brother, Warrior, King – as each chapter unfolds, new pieces of T’Challa’s character will be revealed and the Black Panther will emerge.


As the Darkhold continues to take over the MCU, both Blade and Tony Stark find that not all is as it may seem.

Darkhold: Blade #1

Darkhold: Iron Man #1

Death Of Doctor Strange Avengers #1

With Doctor Strange gone, the Avengers are the only ones who can stop a rampaging Juggernaut-like monster from wrecking all of Manhattan! But what does this mystical creature want? And how does the magic-skeptical Iron Man hold the answer? 

Gunslinger Spawn

Introducing the launch of the second new monthly title spinning out of the SPAWN UNIVERSE, with one of the most popular characters in the entire SPAWN mythology! 

Harbinger (2021)

Can you make the world better if you can’t be better? A telepath with no memory. A city of superpowered teenagers suppressed. Redemption. Destruction. Rebirth. A new era of HARBINGER begins here.

Hellboy Silver Lantern Club

Hellboy learns about the mysteries of an exorcism gone wrong and more when his occult investigator relative reveals secretive and perilous adventures of one of the Hellboy Universe’s most mysterious societies!

Hellcop (Mature)

When mankind first broke through the walls between dimensions, nothing could have prepared them for what they would find in Known Reality Plane 1301-A: it was absolute Hell. Literally

Human Target (Mature)

Human Target is a hard-boiled, gritty story in the vein of classic detective noirs told by bestselling and critically acclaimed creators Tom King and Greg Smallwood!

Jennifer Blood (Mature)

So once upon a time, a suburban housewife spent her nights as a mobster-murdering assassin, named JENNIFER BLOOD. Then she died or did she? By FRED VAN LENTE and VINCENZO FEDERICI!

Nubia And The Amazons

This unforgettable miniseries from writers Vita Ayala and Stephanie Williams, along with all-star artist Alitha Martinez brings the fan-favorite character back to the DCU for good. After Nubia, the world of the Amazons will never be the same!

Task Force Z

In life, they’ve terrorized the people of Gotham. Now, they are Gothams last hope. Task Force X saw villains working their way to freedom. Task Force Z will see dead villains working for a new chance at life! 


AN EPIC NEW ERA FOR THE SINISTER SYMBIOTE STARTS HERE! Hot off the heels of VENOM #200 and EXTREME CARNAGE, we’re closing out 2021 with one of the most ambitious books in symbiote history – an all-new VENOM from some of comics’ greatest talents!

Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 (One Shot) Cvr A Yanick Paquette

Put on your tiaras and prepare your indestructible bracelets! DC is inviting you to join us for a one-of-a-kind special showcasing Wonder Womans past, present, and future to celebrate the legacy she has created and those she will continue to inspire with her adventures for years to come.

Wonder Woman Historia The Amazons (Mature)

Legendary talents Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Jimenez unleash a reading experience the likes of which you’ve never seen, with unbelievably sumptuous art and a story that will haunt you, with subsequent issues featuring art by modern masters Gene Ha and Nicola Scott! One of the most unforgettable DC tales of all time begins here!

New Products:

ABLAZE – Cimmerian Beyond The Black River (Mature) – $5.03
AFTERSHOCK COMICS – Party & Prey OGN (Mature) – $22.67
AFTERSHOCK COMICS – Chicken Devil – $6.29
AFTERSHOCK COMICS – Cross To Bear – $6.29
AFTERSHOCK COMICS – After Dark One Shot – $8.81
AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS – Tom Hollands Fright Night – $5.03
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS – Chilling Adv Of Sabrina (Mature) – $5.03
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS – Archie Giant Comics Adventure TPB – $12.59
ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS – Archies Halloween Spectacular #1 – $3.77
ARTISTS WRITERS & ARTISANS INC – Resistance Uprising TPB – $12.59
ARTISTS WRITERS & ARTISANS INC – Chariot TPB (Mature) – $12.59
ARTISTS WRITERS & ARTISANS INC – Casual Fling TPB (Mature) – $12.59
BOOM! STUDIOS – House Of Slaughter – $5.03
BOOM! STUDIOS – Basilisk TPB Volume 01 – $18.89
DARK HORSE COMICS – No One Left To Fight II – $5.03
DARK HORSE COMICS – Hellboy Silver Lantern Club – $5.03
DC COMICS – Aquaman Green Arrow Deep Target – $5.03
DC COMICS – Arkham City The Order Of The World – $5.03
DC COMICS – Batman Fortnite Foundation #1 (One Shot) – $6.29
DC COMICS – Batman Secret Files Peacekeeper-01 #1 (One Shot) – $6.29
DC COMICS – Batman The Audio Adventures Special #1 (One Shot) – $12.59
DC COMICS – Batman The Dark Knight Detective TPB Volume 06 – $31.49
DC COMICS – Batman The Imposter (Mature) – $7.55
DC COMICS – Batman The Long Halloween Special #1 (One Shot) – $10.07
DC COMICS – Catwoman Lonely City (Mature) – $8.81
DC COMICS – DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber (Mature) – $5.03
DC COMICS – DC Vs Vampires – $5.03
DC COMICS – Green Lantern Season 2 TPB Volume 01 – $25.19
DC COMICS – Human Target (Mature) – $6.29
DC COMICS – Nubia And The Amazons – $5.03
DC COMICS – Refrigerator Full Of Heads (Mature) – $5.03
DC COMICS – Suicide Squad (2021) TPB Volume 01 Give Peace A Chance – $25.19
DC COMICS – Superman And The Authority Hardcover – $31.49
DC COMICS – Swamp Thing (2021) TPB Volume 01 Becoming – $21.41
DC COMICS – Task Force Z – $5.03
DC COMICS – Truth & Justice TPB – $25.19
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 (One Shot) Cvr A Yanick Paquette – $12.59
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 (One Shot) Cvr B Will Murai Film Inspired Variant – $12.59
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 (One Shot) Cvr C Cat Staggs Television Inspired Variant – $12.59
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 (One Shot) Cvr D Bruce Timm Animation Inspired Variant – $12.59
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 (One Shot) Cvr E Jen Bartel Costume Celebration Wraparound Variant – $12.59
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 (One Shot) Cvr F Amy Reeder Golden Age Variant – $12.59
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 (One Shot) Cvr G Michael Cho Silver Age Variant – $12.59
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 (One Shot) Cvr H Travis Moore Bronze Age Variant – $12.59
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular #1 (One Shot) Cvr I Cliff Chiang Modern Age Variant – $12.59
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman Historia The Amazons (Mature) – $10.07
DC COMICS – Wonder Woman The Adventures Of Young Diana Special #1 (One Shot) – $12.59
DYNAMITE – Purgatori – $5.03
DYNAMITE – Jennifer Blood (Mature) – $5.03
IDW PUBLISHING – Transformers Wreckers Tread & Circuits – $5.03
IDW PUBLISHING – Dungeons & Dragons Mindbreaker – $5.03
IDW PUBLISHING – My Little Pony Generations – $5.03
IDW PUBLISHING – TMNT Best Of April O’Neil – $7.55
IMAGE COMICS – Friday TPB Book 01 First Day Of Christmas (Mature) – $18.89
IMAGE COMICS – Gunslinger Spawn – $7.55
IMAGE COMICS – Hellcop (Mature) – $5.03
IMAGE COMICS – Hellcop Halloween 3D Special (Mature) – $10.07
IMAGE COMICS – Magic Order 2 (Mature) – $5.03
IMAGE COMICS – Nita Hawes Nightmare Blog (Mature) – $5.03
IMAGE COMICS – Righteous Thirst For Vengeance (Mature) – $5.03
IMAGE COMICS – Fine Print TPB Volume 01 (Mature) – $21.41
IMAGE COMICS – Mom Mother Of Madness Hardcover (Mature) – $31.49
IMAGE COMICS – Summoners War TPB Volume 01 Legacy – $21.41
IMAGE COMICS – Time Before Time TPB Volume 01 (Mature) – $21.41
IMAGE COMICS – Department Of Truth TPB Volume 02 (Mature) – $21.41
MARVEL COMICS – Death Of Doctor Strange Avengers #1 – $6.29
MARVEL COMICS – Strange Academy Presents Death Doctor Strange #1 – $6.29
MARVEL COMICS – Black Panther Legends – $5.03
MARVEL COMICS – Darkhold: Blade #1 – $5.03
MARVEL COMICS – Darkhold: Iron Man #1 – $5.03
MARVEL COMICS – Marvels Voices Community #1 – $12.59
MARVEL COMICS – Luke Cage City On Fire – $6.29
MARVEL COMICS – Ms Marvel Marvel Tales #1 – $10.07
MARVEL COMICS – Eternals Forever #1 – $5.03
MARVEL COMICS – Phoenix Song Echo – $6.29
MARVEL COMICS – Star Wars High Republic Trail Shadows – $5.03
MARVEL COMICS – Star Wars War Bounty Hunters IG-88 #1 – $6.29
MARVEL COMICS – Star Wars War Bounty Hunters TPB – $25.19
MARVEL COMICS – Star Wars TPB Volume 03 War Of Bounty Hunters – $22.67
MARVEL COMICS – Star Wars War Bounty Hunters Companion TPB – $25.19
MARVEL COMICS – Star Wars High Republic TPB Volume 02 Heart Of Drengir – $20.15
MARVEL COMICS – The Marvels TPB Volume 01 War In Siancong – $20.15
MARVEL COMICS – Reign Of X TPB Volume 07 – $22.67
MARVEL COMICS – Avengers Epic Collection TPB Taking A.I.M. – $56.69
MARVEL COMICS – Daredevil Epic Collection Dead Mans Hand TPB – $56.69
MARVEL COMICS – Deadpool Epic Collection TPB Circle Chase – $56.69
MARVEL COMICS – Conan the Barbarian Epic Collection Original Marvel Years TPB Black Coast – $50.39
MARVEL COMICS – Spider-Men Worlds Collide TPB – $37.79
MARVEL COMICS – Web Of Spider-Man Gn TPB – $17.63
ONI PRESS INC. – Dirtbag Rapture – $5.03
ONI PRESS INC. – Rick & Morty Presents Snuffles Goes To War – $6.29
Other Publishers – Undying Queen – $5.03
Other Publishers – Asylum Of Horrors Halloween Special One Shot – $5.03
Other Publishers – Eeek Halloween Special Edition One Shot – $5.03
Other Publishers – Vampires Halloween One Shot Special Edition (Mature) – $5.03
Other Publishers – Blue Baron Everything Old Is New Again – $6.29
Other Publishers – Pop Star Assassin (Mature) – $5.03
Other Publishers – Billy The Kit – $5.03
Other Publishers – Charlies Spot (Mature) – $5.03
Other Publishers – Shriek (Mature) – $16.32
Other Publishers – Carnyverse Saga Shamanic Ape One Shot – $6.29
Other Publishers – Carnyverse Saga Sunnyhaze One Shot (Mature) – $6.29
Other Publishers – Alt Control Delete (Mature) – $5.03
Other Publishers – Steampunk Snow White – $5.03
Other Publishers – Transmissions (Mature) – $5.03
RED 5 COMICS – Merlin & Hector – $4.98
SCOUT COMICS – Electric Black Dark Caravan – $5.03
SCOUT COMICS – Epic Tavern Tales From Fantastical Crimes Unit – $5.03
SCOUT COMICS – Headless Season 2 – $5.03
SCOUT COMICS – Provenance Of Secrets – $5.03
SCOUT COMICS – Swamp Dogs – $5.03
SCOUT COMICS – Ninja Scouts – $5.03
SOURCE POINT PRESS – Winchester Mystery House (Mature) – $5.03
SOURCE POINT PRESS – Holliston Goes To Hell TPB – $10.07
SOURCE POINT PRESS – Boston Metaphysical Society Ghosts & Demons (One Shot) – $6.29
VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC – Harbinger (2021) – $5.03
VAULT COMICS – Radio Apocalypse – $5.03
VAULT COMICS – Rush – $5.03
ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT INC – Tales Of Terror Annual Goddess Of Death – $10.07