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You love comics, wouldn’t it be better if they came to you? For more than a decade, All New Comics has provided Canadians with their comics, delivered right to their door, always in mint condition, and with the same experience as going to a local comic shop.

All you have to do is sign up, tell us what comics you like, sit back, and we do the rest. Every month, like magic, your comics come to you!

You’re in Control!

Manage your own subscriptions.

The Manage Comics interface lets you pick from hundreds of titles that are available for subscription. You see what was pulled for you, and what has been billed for you.

Plus, every month you’ll get an email telling you about new products are available to subscribe.

Step 1: Register an account

First provide us with your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address in the form below.

First sign in using your All New Comics login. Before you can start selecting titles you’ll need to pay a $20.00 non-refundable membership fee.

This fee helps us keep our costs low by eliminating fraudulent sign-ups, and in return we’ll send you a membership package with your first subscription with free comics and trade paperbacks as a thank you.

Step 3: Choose your method of shipping.

  • Monthly Shipping
  • Twice per month Shipping
  • Weekly Shipping.
Shipping rates are based on your location, and are shown on your subscription listing.

Shipping is ALWAYS free on all orders over $75.00.

We understand that many people don’t like paying for shipping, but when you consider that having your comics delivered to you saves you travelling costs, and frees up your valuable time, it works out to about the same amount of money.

That’s it. Now just sit back and enjoy your comics with all of the free time you have from not having to go fetch your comics when your local store is open. Might we suggest more comics to pass the time?

Step 2: Select your titles.

Choose your favourites from our massive list of titles broken down by publisher and imprints, including comics and magazines.

If we don’t have something listed that you want, contact us and we’ll add it (usually within 24 hours).

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