Variant Comics Policy

As a rule, All New Comics does not offer variant covers for special order.

Variant covers are a massive pain to deal with, every one of them has different rules (1 in 10, 1 in 25, 1 in 50, 1 in 100, etc), and there’s no truly “fair” way for us to decide who gets one.  For about 95% of the nearly 2000 comic titles that Diamond offers, we order fewer than 10 copies. There are just too many comics being offered, and too few people buying most comics.

Plus we would have to change our entire system so that people could pre-order individual titles (I want the Jimmy Awesome Artist variant of Amazing Adventures of Aardvark-Man #150 for example), which would be really hard.

We feel that variant covers are bad for the industry. There are too many retailers who will buy the variant, and sit on 50 copies of a comic book.  That doesn’t actually tell anyone how well that comic sold.  Additionally, stores need to charge $100 for a variant cover (to make up for the fact they have to sit on 50 copies of something).  You can look online for “hot” variant covers from a year or two ago and see that most of them will sell for under $5.00.

We believe that Variant Editions are not a good value. We are required to purchase more product to qualify for them, and we are forced to pass that cost on to our customers, charging more for variant covers. This artificially inflated price does not last long because two months after the issue comes out, nobody cares. We feel this is not fair to our customers and we are adamantly against anything that harms you guys.

We believe that what’s important about comics is the content, not the wrapper publishers put on the comic.

We do not support variant covers as a business, we believe they are harmful to the industry, and we cannot in good conscious support them.

If you have any questions about this or any other of our policies, please direct them to us.

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