In this week’s episode Liam makes his grand return after spending three months in Thailand. The lads talk about comics, discussing some classic runs that Liam re-read while overseas, and talk about what Legacy means to them in comics.

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Cover Story – DC Comics Rebirth

In 2011 DC relaunched their universe with the New 52.  They launched 52 #1 titles in a brand new universe, although they kept many of the elements of successful revamps like Batman and Green Lantern, pretty much everything else was rebooted.  Major changes happened to characters like Superman and Wonder Woman, while pretty much the entire universe changed.  They got a massive sales bump, and a ton of media publicity when the relaunch happened.

The complaints have been that there was a loss of the Legacy of DC Comics, and continuity has been broken.  DC Rebirth is an attempt to right some of these wrongs.

Episode 25 – DC Comics Rebirth

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