Each month we check out our most subscribed to comics, check out the trends, and see if there are reasons why some things are so popular.

Our top 10 doesn’t change much from month to month, but this month we saw a few less ties, and a couple of new titles make their way in. This month we’re also showcasing the most added comics, and the most ordered TPB’s and Hardcovers.

Top 10 list for November 2016

  1. Batman
  2. Amazing Spider-Man, Star Wars
  3. Detective Comics
  4. Superman
  5. Justice League
  6. All Star Batman, Suicide Squad
  7. Flash, Wonder Woman
  8. Dark Knight III The Master Race
  9. Doctor Strange, Uncanny X-Men
  10. Action Comics, Saga, Invincible Iron Man

We saw Amazing Spider-Man and Star Wars jump a spot, while Superman and Justice League swapped places.  All Star Batman jumped two places to join Suicide Squad.

Wonder Woman jumped one spot to join Flash, while Dark Knight III jumped two spots up.

Doctor Strange and Saga enter the list at 9 and 10, while Action Comics and Invincible Iron Man hold the line at #10.  This month, the only title to drop off the top 10 was Darth Vader, and that’s only due to its cancellation!

Most Added:

  1. Star Wars Doctor Aphra
  2. Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom
  3. James Bond Felix Leiter
  4. Monsters Unleashed
  5. Lady Death Revelations Illustrated (Mature)
  6. Justice League Of America Vixen Rebirth, Kamandi Challenge, Odyssey Of The Amazons
  7. Dante One-Shot (Mature)
  8. Few (Mature)
  9. Loose Ends (Mature), Clone Conspiracy
  10. Unholy (Mature)

Again, there aren’t a lot of surprises here, with new series being announced, we usually see those new series get subscribed to quite a bit. The two big surprises here are Doctor Aphra and Clone Conspiracy.

Aphra was formerly known as “Star Wars Classified”, and it saw a big bump when the title was changed. Clone Conspiracy is getting a lot of positive buzz, and our subscribers responded by adding it to their lists.

Most Added TPB/HC

  1. Batman & The Outsiders HC, Batman Knightfall Omnibus HC 01
  2. Cosmic Odyssey Deluxe Edition HC
  3. New Teen Titans TPB 06
  4. Henchgirl TPB
  5. Superman The Golden Age Newspaper Dailies HC 1942-1944

In terms of TPB’s and Hardcovers, DC really dominates this list, with a couple of really great reprints being added this month.

That will do it for this month, tune in next month for more awesome top 10 comics!

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