In June DC Comics is revamping its entire line with a massive shake-up of creative teams, status quo’s and much more. DC Comics Creative Officer Geoff Johns has described this as movement to restore the legacy to the DC Universe similar to the way that his own series “Green Lantern Rebirth” and “Flash Rebirth” restored familiar elements to the Green Lantern and Flash mythos while also moving the overall stories forward.  Rebirth aims to do that same thing with the entire DC Universe.

Everything gets underway with DC Universe Rebirth #1 – (subscription link), if you’re an All New Comics subscriber, you will get it for $1.40CDN, rather than the usual $2.99USD.

This is REALLY important – If you are interested in Rebirth, you need to subscribe to it before our cut off date of Sunday April 24th. DC is limiting this to initial orders, and while we will order extras, we do expect this to sell out.  Update your list now, and add DC Rebirth #1.

DC Comics has all of the June solicitations up on their website in an easy to read PDF format.  DC Comics April Solicitations Catalogue.

This is a big deal. DC has revealed that there are five mysteries and moments you won’t want to miss in DC Rebirth #1.

  1. Line of Fire – There will be the mysterious death of a character
  2. Heroes Return – You’ll see three characters reintroduced to the DC Universe, with the promise of more.
  3. Revelations – A secret that dives into the very nature of why the DC Universe is the way it is.
  4. The Dark Knight – Batman will become focused on a mystery that will change everything he knows about his greatest villain.
  5. Multiversal Mayhem – A secret is exposed about the nature of the DC Universe, and why it lost what it lost — and will introduce the greatest threat it has ever faced.

Rebirth will still be the “New 52” universe that was introduced to critical and sales acclaim in 2011. With rebirth, many of the main DC titles will be renumbered with new #1 issues, with the exception of Action Comics and Detective Comics, which will return to their original numbering with Action Comics #957 and Detective Comics #934.

Rebirth kicks off May 25th with DC Universe Rebirth #1 – (subscription link) – $2.99(USD).

It continues with the first wave of Rebirth on June 1st with:

June 8th the Rebirth continues with:

The first wave of Rebirth ends on June 15th with:

DC’s rebirth event continues all through the summer, with another five titles launching in July, five in August, and two in September.  On top of that, DC has announced a brand new offbeat line by Gerrard Way called “Young Animal” which will feature a brand new take on the Doom Patrol, Shade the Changing (Wo)Man, and Cave Carson among others.

This is what the special DC Previews Magazine said about DC Rebirth #1:

Beginning with DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1, the original universe evolves by mixing traditional values and a modern aesthetic.

Geoff Johns is telling a story-and it’s got the attention of every-one in the room. Johns stands in his usual position, in front of a wall-sized dry erase board, surrounded by a couple dozen DC editorial staffers at the company’s Burbank, CA, HQ. Easy-going but confident, Johns-Chief Creative Officer for DC Enterlainment, a guiding architect for comics, feature films, TV and video games-laid out his plans for the story that would become DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1. After Johns had finished his presentation and the meeting had adjourned, one of the editors pulled the writer aside and proclaimed, “l wish I could forget everything you just said and read it as a fan.”

The sentiment was shared by many of the editors; they’d attended creator read-throughs before, but none had generated abuzz like this.

It’s Johns’ hope that he can convince fans to avoid spoilers and  pick up DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH with fresh eyes and open minds. He promises it’ll be well worth the effort for a story that’s going to fundamentally shake everything you know about the DC Universe right down to its very core.

“The themes of [DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH] divide into four chapters,” Johns explains. “The first one is about loss. lt focuses on what perhaps has gone missing in our comic books, when it comes to the DC Universe. And historically what the DC Universe really is. ” 

“The second chapter is about legacy. That,s the main thing I feel has been lost from the DC Universe from the New 52 reboot. We’re  showing a kind of secret side of the DC Universe, where legacy comes into play again. The next chapter is love, and it’s all about the love that,s in the DC Universe…and that which has disappeared from the DC Universe. The fourth chapter is titled “Life” which is about both the end, and the beginning of life.”

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